frequently asked questions

Ask yourself : Do I experience any of the following that get in the way of living my life to the fullest? If the answer is almost all the time or some of the time, click and find out more:

Do your addictions, whether alcohol, drugs, gambling and/or sex cause difficulties in your personal and work relationships? Do you feel your behaviour is not within your control?

Addiction or Drug Abuse

Do you fear the worst? Constantly worry over even the smallest of things? Do you obsess over trivial matters? Does your life sometimes feel out of control?

Anxiety Disorders

Do you feel lethargic and disinterested in even normal activities? Have others commented that you seem unhappy and sad?


Have you noticed more and more that other peoples’ reactions to you are not what you want or expect? Do you feel that something is “off” when others don’t seem to cooperate or agree with what you say or do?

Personality Concerns

Do you struggle with your health? Is there a chronic situation where pain or disability is causing you emotional distress?

Physical Symptoms and Illness

Do you feel your marriage is on the rocks or a significant relationship is in freefall? Are you struggling with loss of an important person in your life?

Relationship Problems