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By fostering a safe, confidential and comfortable environment, we will explore the emotional aspects of your life. Here we will uncover what may be causing disruptions in your relationships, your functioning at work, or affecting your overall happiness.

The path to creating positive change is unique to you. Finding a therapeutic passageway can be an exciting, insightful and rewarding experience. If your goal in counselling is to deal with an issue you are facing now, or looking to make changes that may secure a better future, contact me and let’s chat. Remember: Tomorrow is a new day!

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Marriage and Couples Counselling

Opinions differ leading to conflict and if not handled well, disruption in your significant relationship occurs, causing emotional pain, resentment and unhappiness. In our counselling, you will work on controlling emotions and behaviour. You will learn how to pay attention to the feelings being expressed, and become aware and respectful of these opinions.

Depression & Anxiety Counselling

Individuals dealing with depression, anxiety and low self-esteem can sap the energy out of even the most robust. In counselling we will explore and gain an understanding of how automatic thoughts, unconscious rules, beliefs, and thinking styles contribute to the way you feel and act. In counselling you will learn effective coping strategies and self management techniques. This will include emotion regulation, mindfulness, and confidence building.

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